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Year 5L

Welcome to Year 5L class 2020-2021


It is an exciting year for your children as they continue their journey through school and move into upper Key Stage Two. In Year 5 we have high expectations of all of the children, through behaviour and being ready to learn and grow as a team and individuals. 

Our classrooms are a happy and positive working environment where praise and encouragements are used to motivate and support all of the children. We ask that each child tries their best and develops a resilient attitude towards learning. As a class, the children have spoken very honestly about the areas of learning that they feel they would like to improve.  

Throughout the year, lots of new and exciting learning will take place. Your children will be challenged to be the very best they can be and encouraged to take part in every aspect of school life. We value the support you give your child at home with reading, spelling, learning times tables and delving into any topic-based research or interests your children may express. 

RE: Ourselves - Each person is made in the image and likeness of God.  We will be learning about ourselves (including our similarities and differences) and learning how to appreciate that our value and uniqueness is central to our wellbeing. 

English: Our focus text will be ‘Hidden Figures’. By the end of the unit we will have written reports, explored and written our own narrative and looked into historical memoirs of important people involved in the space race. 

Spellings: Children will be learning the year 5 spelling lists and will be tested on these regularly. 

Reading: Your child will be listened to once a week at school. We are focusing on broadening the children’s comprehension skills so help with this at home would be greatly appreciated.  

Handwriting: There will be a big focus on improving handwriting standards this year. The children have been asked to ensure they write in a cursive, uniformed and consistent style in all lessons. 

Maths: We will be beginning the term by focusing on place value (up to 1,000,000), comparing numbers, making number patterns, addition and subtractions and rounding. Children will also be regularly assessed on their multiple and division facts up to 12 x 12. 

Art: Using our painting and drawing skills, we will be exploring the work of Peter Thorpe, and using him as inspiration to create our own masterpieces by painting with gouache. 

Science: This term, we will be working scientifically by using our questioning, observational and recordings kills to investigate and learn more about our Solar System and beyond.  

PE: We are focusing on OAA and Athletics this term. Please ensure your child wears their PE to school on Tuesdays. 

Computing: We will be ensuring that we understand how to stay safe online and the importance of cyber safety.

DT: Mechanical Systems - For our three day DT focus, we will be making our own moon buggies, focusing on pulleys.

Music: We will be using Charanga to practise our first theme of 'Livin' On A Prayer' by using a variety of instruments, including our voices.


Please do not hesitate to speak to us if you have any questions throughout the year, 


Miss Littlefair and Miss McCarty

Year 5 Overview of Themes 2020-2021