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Home Learning

Thank you to all the parents and children who worked so hard during 'Lockdown' between March and July.  This Home Learning Page and Class Pages showcase some of the great work completed at home. 


On this page you will find lots of links and information which is relevant to home learning.  If home learning is required due to isolation of individual pupils, groups or bubbles, teachers will liaise parents/carers/children to ensure there is a continuation of learning during this time.  Our platform for home learning is Purple Mash.  We also use Sumdog to set a wide range of activities for home learning and blended learning. Please visit our Curriculum page for information about our platforms. Each class has a class email address which can be used to contact teachers about home learning.  Teachers and Support Assistants are happy to help with any issues you may have regarding home learning.


You can find more information about Home Learning and Blended Learning on our Curriculum page.



Challenge of the Week - Outdoors

A lot of the challenges can be done in a garden or a park. There are 50 Challenges to choose from. We will be awarding a certificate to  each child who completes at least one challenge.You could even try to complete the list by the end of the summer! Click on the link below. More details can be found on the National Trust website too. 


Y2 Author's Recognition 

Earlier in our time of Home Learning, two of our Y2 children wrote and sent their own stories to author Nicola Colton, who writes the stories about Jasper and Scruff. She was so impressed with the stories that she has tweeted them for public viewing (@nicolacolton1). They also appeared on her Instagram (nicolacolton1). Her editor was tagged as it was thought that she would be ‘really impressed’.


We are so proud of the children and their work. This acknowledgement is so well deserved.

Geography Challenge Week

Thank you to everyone who took part in any of our GEOGRAPHY challenges. You have done some fantastic work and we hope you enjoyed your research and activities. 

Fitness Challenges / P.E. Week

There were some exciting challenges that our children took part in at home.

History Challenge Week

Well done all the children who completed any of the history challenges set about WW2 and VE Day. We hope you had fun celebrating the Bank Holiday on Friday and finding out about the past.

Design Technology Challenge Week

Well done to all the children who have participated in our Design Technology challenges.  We have seen some wonderful efforts and are amazed at the ingenuity and creativity shown - from sewing hearts, building marble mazes to preparing rainbow lunches!

Science Challenge Week

Some amazing work was happening at home during the Science Challenge Week! Well done to everyone who took part - we hope you enjoyed being creative with Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Life Skills Challenge Week

Lots of children attempted challenges during Life Skills Challenge Week and they enjoyed helping out at home and in their community. It was great to see everyone getting involved!

Easter Challenge Week

We have enjoyed seeing all of the wonderful work that happened during the Easter Challenge Week from baking to poetry to creating Easter cards for loved ones. Well done everyone!

Oak Academy Learning

Congratulations to Sammy Earnshaw who had his writing chosen during Lockdown, by one of the teachers in the Oak Learning Academy to feature on the Golden Wall.  Well done Sammy!




Thank you to Mrs Shaw who has sent this fabulous poem for us to share with you all.


(A Poem written by Joanne Shaw)


Queuing outside the supermarket in the wind and rain

And keep that social distance from others! You tell your addled brain

Cleaning down trolleys and wearing masks has now become the norm

As the virus tore through the world and brought with it one hell of a storm

It wreaked havoc on so many, not caring who it took

Families losing loved ones when the virus struck

The world changed as we knew it when we all got locked inside

Shops and schools were suddenly closed as we were forced to hide

Businesses and pubs alike had to shut their doors

As the Government gave orders, as though we were at war

At war with a killer virus that we still don’t understand

A virus that we couldn’t see as it passed from hand to hand

The supermarket shelves were stripped bare as people began to panic

No toilet roll or soap could be found as the shoppers became manic

Greedy and unpleasant ways were witnessed by so many

As the newspapers reported daily on something extraordinary

Unprecedented they said, something unseen for a hundred years

A first for our generation when we suddenly began to live in fear

Because a pandemic was beginning and this was just the start

Of people’s daily lives as they knew it being completely blown apart

Normality had all but gone as the virus walked between us all

Stalking us in silence, too many people began to fall

As fear knotted its way tightly around the nation, our country came to a halt

Most of us wanting answers, to lay blame, to ask who was at fault

And yet through all the panic, the anger and the grief

The tears we shed for our loved ones as this virus began to creep

A ray of light burned brightly, cutting through the ghastly shadows

As our NHS and key workers bloomed like flowers in the meadows

Standing tall and brave they fought to keep our country going

We applauded them outside our doors to keep their positivity flowing

The doctors and the nurses, they worked tirelessly through the night

Our care workers in the community geared up against the fight

To protect our families and loved ones, our elderly generation

The delivery drivers and retail workers worked hard to feed our nation

The people who kept our houses warm and linked us to the outside world

As we were forced to stay inside and take heed of every word

Stay at home they said, protect our NHS and save lives

And that we did, for many weeks, as more and more people died

People were furloughed from their jobs and home schooling had to be done

Parents trying their best with their children which was an uphill struggle for some

Teachers worked hard to help the key workers and the mums and dads at home

Online and in school, they never stopped, they never ever moaned

The children were resilient, were stronger than any of us knew

As the normal life around them disappeared and they watched us adults queue

Queue for pubs and shops as the lockdown began to ease

Keeping that social distance as the virus still blew between us like an icy breeze

Yet the storm that was so savage, finally began to weaken

As the daily cases began to drop and normality started to creep back in

A new normal that had descended upon us where we still needed to be on our guard

Social distancing would be around for a while and would hit some businesses hard

Stay alert they now say, control the virus and keep saving those precious lives

An important message that we need to adhere to and one for which we all need to strive

To continue to protect the ones we love and remember the ones that have gone

The many that sacrificed themselves in the fight against a virus we still haven’t won

But the fight we have battled for so very long, we will one day win

When the day arrives where your children can finally go for that long awaited swim

Back to the park to play with their friends and a kick about with a ball

When they are able to help others up from the floor whenever they might fall

Without living in fear from a nasty virus that once took over the globe

When we all stood together side by side and longed for nothing but hope

Hope for a normal life to finally find us all again and bring

The people back together as we stand from our rooftops and sing

We finally did it, we finally won the grisly battle against

The nasty killer virus of which we had no defence

But turned away it finally did and went on its merry way

Leaving with us so many lessons to be learned every single day

To reflect on this time that we all went through together

To remember how precious life really is and hold that thought in our hearts forever


Joanne Shaw - 5th July 2020


This poem is dedicated to all the people who lost their lives during the pandemic of 2020, to all the families suffering those losses and to all of those still battling the virus and working tirelessly to protect us all.  Thank you to each and every one of our NHS and Key Workers out there.  Stay safe and positive.  Standing together, we will beat this. 


“If you sometimes feel as though there is nothing left at all, remember there is always hope” - Joanne Shaw


Extra Online Resources

You might find the following resources helpful if you are looking for extra online resources.

The Oak National Academy is an online learning resource with a wide range of activities for all year groups.  



BBC teach is a free online resource.  It is home to thousands of free curriculum-mapped videos, arranged by age-group and subject. 



Starting Friday 3rd April at 10:30 am, your child can access 'FREE, Live, First Aid Friday' children's virtual first aid course. There will be 4 sessions on consecutive Fridays giving children new lifesaving skills. 



Fitness Challenges!

The Spar Lancashire School Games is a partnership between the Lancashire School Games Organiser Network (SGO’s), Active Lancashire and SPAR (sponsors). During this time Lancashire SGO’s have developed a programme of activities and a hub of resources for young people to:


  • Remain active and move
  • Access challenges to do individually or as a family
  • Enjoy being active through play             
  • Learn new skills

Staff Emails  - please use if you need any support