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Year 3W

Welcome to Year 3W’s class page 2020-2021


Dear Parents/Guardians,


We would like to offer you and your child an incredibly warm welcome to Year 3 and an even warmer welcome back to school since lockdown. We are certain that the past six months have been a challenge in many ways, but hopefully in between home-schooling and working from home, you have made lots of lovely memories together. We are enjoying settling into our new class. The children have already begun to form friendships and set new goals, creating an encouraging team of learners. We are looking forward to teaching and guiding them throughout this year. We will work hard and make sure we have lots of fun along the way and having a strong relationship between home and school will lead to a rewarding year for us all, but especially your wonderful children.


It is an exciting year for your children as they continue their journey through school and move into Key Stage Two. We are pleased to have Mrs Edwards in our year bubble who will be helping us on our learning journey this year. In Year 3, we have high expectations of all of the children, through behaviour and being ready to learn and grow as a team and individuals. Our classroom is a happy and positive working environment where praise and encouragements are used to motivate and support all of the children. We ask that each child tries their best and develops a resilient attitude towards learning. Together, we have devised a set of class rules that are displayed in our classroom.


Throughout the year, lots of new and exciting learning will take place. I value the support you give your child at home with reading, spelling, learning times tables and delving into any topic based research or interests your children may express. Now more than ever, a little and often approach to practising spellings, times tables as well as reading and discussing books will have such a powerful impact on making long lasting connections and giving your child the comfort and reassurance that they may need.


The start and end of the school day can be very busy and not usually ideal for discussing any questions or concerns. It would be appreciated if you could send an email to your child's class email address if you have any concerns. This will help me to give it the full time and attention that it needs. This page will be updated during the year to share details of class news, pictures of our learning and useful links. We work hard but have lots of fun in class 30 and 3W. We look forward to sharing our photographs with you.


Please do not hesitate to speak to us if you have any questions throughout the year,

Miss Ollerton & Miss Williams


Year 3 Overview of Themes 2020-2021

Things to remember:

~ Your child will be given a new reading book to take home every Monday. They will need to return this on Friday. 

~ In class 3W, we will be taking part in PE on Monday and Wednesday each week. Your child should bring shorts/ jogging bottoms, a white t-shirt and pumps/trainers. 

~Each child has been given a username and password for the website Purple Mash. I will set '2do's' on Purple Mash for your child to complete on a regular basis. Some of the tasks will be repeated. For example, times tables and spelling.

Rock and Roll! (2019-2020)

We have had so much fun creating cave art! We got into role as Stone Age men and women and began by turning our tables over and making our caves. The children ensured the room was as dark as possible. They then thought about what natural and earthly materials Stone Age man would have used to tell their stories and decided to use; sticks, fingers, handprints, mud, sand, chalk, charcoal and paint mixed with mud and sand. We were even visited by Saber Tooth Tigers and Wooly Mammoths so we had to stop our art and hide whilst they passed!

Stonehenge (2019-2020)

As part of our theme work, we have studied the history of Stonehenge. The children then had a go at recreating the historic monument. They worked well as a team and carefully thought out how to contrust the Outer Circle of Sarsen Stones, the Horseshoe of Bluestone, The Horseshow of Sarsen Trilithons, the Altar Stone and the Heel Stone. 

Soil Profiles (2019-2020)

In Science, we have been learning about soil profiles. The children were then challenged to build their own soil profile using a variety of foods that best represented the properties of each layer of soil. They chose very carefully from; whole oreos, crushed oreos, choclate moose, chocolate chips and coconut shavings (dyed green with food colouring). They then enjoyed tasting each layer of soil...

Our Class Blog (2019-2020)

During our computing lessons, we are learning about Internet safety and how to create a class blog. We have successfully set up our blog using Purplemash and are now adding our own posts to it when we can. So far, the children have written posts about keeping safe online, our classroom and the topics we are learning about. 

Violent Volcanoes! (2019-2020)

We are really enjoying learning all about the cross section of a volcano and have been reading up on current affairs involving volcano erruptions around the world. After learning about the devestating effects a volcanic erruption can have, the people who were affected by the recent erruptions in New Zealand and the Phillipines are in our thoughts and prayers.

Design Technology (2019-2020)

Our Autumn Term DT project was to design and create a healthy Christmas snack. We thought carefully about our consumer, a child, and designed Christmas snacks that we thought would appeal to them in the hopes that they would choose them over an unhealthy treat. Take a look, which would you choose?


We are enjoying cricket in PE...

Victorian Schools (2019-2020)

We have been learning about what schools were like in the Victorian era. The children have learnt about how strict class teachers were and then wrote their own class rules. 


We role played the rules and lessons of a Victorian classroom - the children found it highly amusing. We researched common Victorian names from the 1800s and each child was given a new name for the afternoon. The children were quite horrified by some of the name choices back in the Victorian era! some of them were; Princess Cheese, Toilet, Okay, Lemon, Orange, Flem, Yetty, Zebra, Bovril, Scary Looker, Freezabreeza and many more. The teacher was called Miss Farting Clack!


We learnt that some classrooms only provided a bench wide enough to seat two, but five or more children were expected to work silently and neatly in such a small space. The children enjoyed roleplaying this.

Each child then made their own Dunce hat which wuld have been worn  as a punishment, should the children not adhere to the very strict rules.