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Year 2H

Welcome to Year 2. We hope that you have all enjoyed a restful and relaxing Summer.  We are excited to be teaching and guiding your child through the next stage of their learning adventure.   As a team, we are pleased to have Mrs McGarry working beside us. Mrs McGarry has a wealth of experience and skills, which will be used to support children in both Year 2 classes throughout the year.


In Year 2, we have high expectations of all the children, and we ask that they come to school with a positive attitude to learning.  Our classrooms are caring and positive environments where praise and encouragements are used to help every child thrive.


Throughout the year, lots of new and exciting learning will take place. As always, we value the support you give your child at home and wish to continue this positive partnership throughout the year.  A ‘little and often’ approach to practising phonics and reading will have a powerful and prolonged impact on making long lasting connections and developing and extending your child’s fundamental learning skills.


As you can appreciate the start and end of the school day can be very busy.  Therefore, if you have any concerns or enquiries, please email your child’s class teacher or make a telephone appointment with the school office. This will allow us to give you more time for any discussions.


The Curriculum Overview for learning for the year is shared on this page.  It gives a brief outline of the subjects and learning objectives we will teach throughout Year 2.  We will continue to update this page periodically, sharing details of our exciting learning experiences.


We look forward to a happy and successful year with your child and thank you once again for your continued support. 


With kind regards,


Mrs Hathaway &  Mrs McGarry



Have you ever wished you could be a fly on the wall to see what goes on in class once we've been dropped off at school?  Here's your opportunity to take a glimpse into what we get up to!




At the beginning of term we had to become familiar with our school's new behaviour charter.  We  read books about Webster the Spider and we know that we will be safe online if we follow his advice.  We have shared super ideas as to how we can be good learners.  We can distinguish between kind/ unkind actions and between respectful/  disrespectful behaviour.  

We've all agreed that we will do our very best to abide by the charter throughout the year.  



Using nature and our local environment as our inspiration, we are developing our drawing, printing and painting skills.



We are exploring the properties of different materials in our Science work.  Here we're testing materials in terms of how absorbent they areSuper learners - working together and sharing ideas!

Having tested a range of  materials for absorbency, we decided to test a brick to see if it can absorb water.  We needed a full bottle of water, a brick and a bowl to carry out this investigation.  We had to wait a few days to come to a conclusion and many of us were surprised with the result!   Take note that after a few days the bottle of water is no longer full. Where has the water gone? 



 Y2H think Maths is Magic!   Here we are exploring number bonds and place value.


There are so many different ways to add numbers together!