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Year 2H

Welcome to Year 2 Class Pages: 2020 - 2021



We would all like to welcome you and your child back to school after what I am sure you will agree, seems a very long time.  It is lovely to welcome everyone back and to see all the children’s smiling faces. We know that the past six months have been a very strange and confusing time for all, however between the home-schooling and working from home, we hope that you have managed to find time to make some lovely memories together.


We are excited to be teaching and guiding your child through the next stage of their learning adventure. It is an exciting year for your child as they begin their journey in Year 2, which is their final year in Key Stage One. We are pleased to have Mrs McGarry in our Year 2 bubble.  Mrs McGarry has a wealth of experience and skills, which will be used to support children in both Year 2 classes throughout the year.


In Year 2, we have high expectations of all the children, and we ask that they come to school with a positive attitude to learning. Our classroom is a caring and positive environment where praise and encouragements are used to help every child thrive.


Throughout the year, lots of new and exciting learning will take place. As always, we value the support you give your child at home and wish to continue this positive partnership throughout the year. Now more than ever, a little and often approach to practising phonics and reading will have a powerful and prolonged impact on making long lasting connections and developing and extending your child’s fundamental learning skills.


As you can appreciate the start and end of the school day can be very busy, especially during these unusual times. Therefore, if you have any concerns or enquiries, please email your child’s class teacher or make a telephone appointment with the school office. This will allow us to give you more time for any discussions.


The Curriculum Overview for learning for the year is shared on this page. It gives a brief outline of the subjects and learning objectives we will teach throughout Year 2.  We will continue to update this page periodically, sharing details of our exciting learning experiences and include any useful links to support your child’s learning from home. 


We look forward to a happy and successful year with your child and thank you once again for your continued support. 


With kind regards,


Mrs Eubank,  Mrs Hathaway,  and Mrs Watts  - Year 2 Teaching Team.

Year 2 Overview of Themes 2020-2021

Here we are, all ready for Year 2!


Have you ever wished you could be a fly on the wall to see what goes on in class once we've been dropped off at school?  Here's your opportunity to take a glimpse into what we get up to!


Autumn 2020


We had fun learning about the properties of 3-D shapes by making models using straws and blutak.   We used  straws to make the edges and blutak to make the vertices.  We had to cut some of the straws to make shorter edges for some of our shapes.  Can you spot the shapes we made?



We found out how the shapes of solid objects made from some materials can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching.  As you can see, you can change the shape of a sock in many different ways!

We also identified and compared the suitability of a variety of everyday materials for particular uses.  Here we are testing materials for making a bridge for toy cars.  We discovered that cardboard is definitely not a good choice!



Throughout the term we have been developing our printing skills using a range of media.  Towards the end of the term we used our newly acquired skills to make a print of Saint Gerard's church.



We have used atlases, globes and songs to learn about the continents and oceans that make up our wonderful world.



One of the highlights of the Autumn Term was learning about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot – we LOVED it!  Because these events happened hundreds of years ago we had to use a range of sources to find information.  We produced some excellent pieces of writing as a result of our hard work.



As Christmas approached, we were very excited to be designing and making puppets.  Before starting on the work, we thought it might be a good idea to look at some existing puppets – what fun!  Then, realising that we’d eventually have to join materials we decided to investigate which would be the best and the strongest way.  We also had to acquire new skills such as threading a needle, keeping an even running stich and even making a double stitch.   Next day, we designed our puppets on paper and gathered all the necessary resources.  Then it was time to make our puppets – what a busy day! 


Take a look at these photos – they show the story of how we made our puppets. Can you recognise who we made?


Nadolig Llawen! / Merry Christmas!


We learnt a very familiar Christmas carol for our school’s virtual Nativity, but can you spot a difference?  Listen carefully - we learnt it in Welsh!  Mrs Hathaway is ever so proud of us and thinks we have done an amazing job learning the words.  On the day of recording three of us were absent so, as a class, we decided to re-record it on their return to school.   The sound system wasn’t working on the day so we sang it a cappella!


We hope you enjoy our amazing performance and we wish you all a very happy Christmas.


Away in a Manger / Draw ’Mhell yn y Preseb