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Summer Term 2022


We can’t believe that we have now started our last term in Year 3!  Where has the time gone?  It only seems like yesterday when we were settling into our new class!  We have learnt so much and have grown up and developed our independence a lot since September, but there are still plenty of exciting things to learn before we leave Year 3 and venture into Year 4. 


The Curriculum Overview for learning for the year is shared on this page. It gives a brief outline of the subjects and learning objectives we will teach throughout Year 3. We will continue to update this page periodically, sharing details and photos of our exciting learning experiences and include any useful links to support your child’s learning from home. Remember to keep an eye on our Class Dojo page too, where you will find useful reminders, resources and photos of our learning. 


Our English work starts with play scripts, using ‘Escape From Pompeii’ by Christina Balit. We will have great fun and our creativity will be pushed to the limit!  We will also be reading and writing our own shape poems. Towards the end of term, we’ll be writing an adventure story based on Michaela Morgan's lovely story, ‘The Thing In The Basement’.


In Science, we will be looking at plants in our 'Roots and Shoots' and 'Artful Flowers' unit of work.  We will be looking at the requirements of plants for life and growth, the functions of different parts of flowering plants and we will also investigate the way in which water is transported in plants. 


For our Computing work this term, we will be introduced to Branching Databases. Using 2 Question, children will learn how to create a branching database that accomplishes a given goal. They will understand how to collect, analyse, evaluate, and present their data and information throughout the unit initially as a paper Yes/No game and then as a digital version of a branching database. 


In RE we’ll be learning about what happened in the aftermath of Easter.  We will be reading stories about the times Jesus appeared to His disciples after the resurrection, His Ascension into Heaven and the events of the Pentecost.  During the Pentecost, Jesus blessed the disciples with the Holy Spirit and we’ll be thinking of ways to show that the Holy Spirit lives in our hearts as well. We will then move on to learn about Reconciliation. 


Topic work will start with the Romans.  We will learn about the spread of the Roman Empire, how the empire affected different people and how they felt and reacted to the changes that were being made. We will then move on to learning all about The Lake District. We will find out about farming, environmental issues and the physical and human features of the region studied. 


In DT we’ll be exploring shell structures. The children will build their own shell structure and there will be a particular focus on methods for strengthening, providing children with opportunities to develop problem solving skills.


In Art, we will take inspiration from artists and combine techniques to create a landscape/botanical painting using water colour paints. 


Reminders:    PE is currently on Mondays and Thursdays - children need to bring in their PE kits each week.

Children are asked to wear a white tshirt, with the school logo (or a plain white tshirt), with navy shorts and appropriate footwear - black pumps for indoor and trainers for outdoor. If the weather is cold, children are invited to wear their school jumper over their PE tshirt and a plain pair of navy tracksuit bottoms/joggers are allowed. For health and safety reasons, children are not permitted to wear earrings for PE and we recommend that if your child cannot remove their stud earrings themselves that they are not worn on PE days.


Contacts:   If we can help you in any way please do not hesitate to contact us on our class email or Class Dojo Page: 


Many thanks,

Miss Ollerton


Our Behaviour Charter


Our school Behaviour Policy is built upon the ‘5 pillars of Pivotal Practice’ (‘When Adults Change, Everything Changes’, Paul Dix):


  • Consistent, calm adult behaviour,

  • Relentless Routines,

  • First attention to best conduct,

  • Scripting difficult conversations,

  • Restorative Follow-up.


We have three simple goals: Be safe, Be a Learner, Be Kind and Respectful.

Curriculum Overview

Year 3 text overview

Recommended Reading Books

We have selected these recommended reading lists from Peters Education to ensure that our children have access to a wide range of books.  These books are all available in school and form our 'core' texts in our class libraries.  These lists are chosen because they:

  • link with our curriculum for each year group
  • represent different cultures
  • introduce children to new authors and expand their knowledge of familiar authors
  • ensure progression 
  • match topics of interests for our children
  • tackle current themes

Year 3 Maths Curriculum

Useful Reminders 

PE will take place on a Monday and a Thursday.  

Children will have regular challenges and/or competitions set on SumDog each Friday, relating to Maths, Grammar and Spellings. 

We expect your children to be reading daily, either from their home reader or from a book of their choice. Reading books will be issued on a Monday. 


Useful Websites 




English (Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar): 



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Summer Term Photos

Autumn Term Photos

Our Class Reading Journey