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Welcome to Y3O's class page 2021-22



Spring Term 2022


We are back in full swing after the Christmas break and eager to learn lots of exciting, new things this term!


The Curriculum Overview for learning for the year is shared on this page. It gives a brief outline of the subjects and learning objectives we will teach throughout Year 3. We will continue to update this page periodically, sharing details and photos of our exciting learning experiences and include any useful links to support your child’s learning from home. Remember to keep an eye on our Class Dojo page too, where you will find useful reminders, resources and photos of our learning. 


Our English work this term begins with narratives. We will read a well-known novel called 'Stig of the Dump' by Clive King. We will start by looking at the features of a narrative and collecting a range of exciting words and phrases that capture our interest. We will learn about the characters- Stig and Barney, and write a new chapter for the book.  After half term, we will be reading 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes. Our Spring term creative homework task is to create an Iron Man design. This could be a 3D model, a drawing, a painting or even something edible! Please visit our Class Dojo page for more information about this task. We are looking forward to seeing your finished Iron Men and displaying them in our classroom. 


In our RE lessons, we will be looking at seasons and feast days in the Church Year. The main focus will be on the Liturgical Calendar.  We will learn about how the Calendar is organised and using religious vocabulary, we will give reasons for why Catholics celebrate certain feasts of the year. Following this, our next RE topic will be ‘The Eucharist’.  We will learn that the word Eucharist is another name for the Mass and that it actually means ‘Thanksgiving’.  It is a time when the parish family gathers to give thanks to God, most of all for the gift of Jesus, his Son.  This will prepare us for Easter, one of the most important events on the Christian calendar.


The focus of our Science work will be Rocks and Fossils.  We’ll start by observing and exploring different types of rocks. We will also look at the work of a famous palaeontologist, Mary Anning and we will find out about how fossils are formed. In Art, we're looking forward to practising our sketching skills too, by sketching a range of different fossils inspired by the work of Robert Hooke.


In our History work, we will be learning about the Stone Age. We will be exploring and comparing the lives of Stone Age Hunter Gatherers and Stone Age Farmers. We will also describe the features of Stone Age homes and list the foods of a Stone Age diet. It will be interesting to see how Stone Age homes were different to our homes today! 


In Geography, our Spring topic is Volcanoes and Earthquakes! We will describe what is found under the Earth's surface, how volcanoes are formed and how volcanoes and earthquakes affect people's lives.


We’re doing really well with our continued focus on being safe on the internet.  We are all aware that online-safety is very important.  Our computing work for the first half term will be using 2Calculate, a simple to use spreadsheet.  We will be adding and editing data in a table and using this data to find out how data can be turned into a spreadsheet graph. 


For our PSHE work we will be studying the theme of Living in the Wider World.  This will involve focusing on the reasons for rules and laws in wider society, our rights and responsibilities and our role in protecting the world in which we live. 


It’s going to be a busy term.  We will be working hard, but we’ll have lots of fun too!


As you can appreciate the start and end of the school day can be very busy.  Therefore, if you have any concerns or enquiries, please email your child’s class teacher or make a telephone appointment with the school office. This will allow us to give you more time for any discussions.


Miss Ollerton and Mrs Edwards


Email your class teacher on


Behaviour- New to our school September 2021


From the beginning of the year, our school implemented a new Behaviour Policy which is built upon the ‘5 pillars of Pivotal Practice’ (‘When Adults Change, Everything Changes’, Paul Dix):


  • Consistent, calm adult behaviour,

  • Relentless Routines,

  • First attention to best conduct,

  • Scripting difficult conversations,

  • Restorative Follow-up.


We have three simple goals: Be safe, Be a Learner, Be Kind and Respectful.

Curriculum Overview

Year 3 text overview

Recommended Reading Books

We have selected these recommended reading lists from Peters Education to ensure that our children have access to a wide range of books.  These books are all available in school and form our 'core' texts in our class libraries.  These lists are chosen because they:

  • link with our curriculum for each year group
  • represent different cultures
  • introduce children to new authors and expand their knowledge of familiar authors
  • ensure progression 
  • match topics of interests for our children
  • tackle current themes

Year 3 Maths Curriculum

Useful Reminders 

PE will take place on a Monday and a Thursday.  

Children will have regular challenges and/or competitions set on SumDog each Friday, relating to Maths, Grammar and Spellings. 

We expect your children to be reading daily, either from their home reader or from a book of their choice. Reading books will be issued on a Monday. 


Useful Websites 




English (Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar): 



Meet The Teacher Information

Spring Term Photos

Autumn Term Photos

Our Class Reading Journey