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Subject Leader: Mrs S. Nichol


Geography Curriculum

Geography is part of our broad and rich curriculum. We believe that Geography should inspire our children to think about the wonderfully diverse world around them. It should help them to be curious about their place in the world and their responsibilities towards it. We give our children the opportunity to develop their geographical knowledge, as well as their fieldwork and observational skills.

Curriculum Coverage

At the Foundation Stage the early stages of Geography are covered through Understanding of The World (People and communities / The World), working towards the Early Learning Goals. Throughout the year we cover these areas through our 6 themes. Some of the things that we look at are the local neighbourhood, people and places of the world and changes in the seasons. A class trip last summer covered elements of early fieldwork.

From Year 1 Key Learning will cover Locational Knowledge, Place Knowledge, Human and Physical Knowledge and Geographical  Skills, such as mapping.


At Key Stage 1 we will study:

  • the local area
  • knowledge about continents, oceans, UK counties and capitals
  • an area in the UK
  • a contrasting  non- European area
  • weather in the UK
  • hot and cold areas of the world
  • geographical vocabulary    


At Key Stage 2 we will study:

  • the local area
  • name and locate counties and cities of the UK
  • name and locate world’s countries, the Equator, the Tropics, Hemispheres, Meridians,  Arctic and Antarctic
  • region of the UK
  • region of North or South America
  • physical Geography (eg. climate zone)
  • human geography (eg. settlement and land use)      

Early Years Progression - Understanding The World

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