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Subject Leader: Mrs Thompson and Miss Wheeler

Our Religious Education invites each child to enter into a personal and profound relationship with Christ. We are committed to allowing each individual to explore their own faith and develop their relationship with God and all that He has planned for them through the unique set of gifts and talents He has blessed them with. It respects and promotes each child's innate capacity for wonder, awe, reverence and spirituality. 


Our Lady & St Gerard’s uses the ‘Come and See' Religious education programme as the basis of our religious teaching.  During the course of the year the children will also study two other faiths. Central to the 'Come and See' programme are 'big' questions which enrich and encourage critical thinking and reflection. 


Where do I come from? 


Who am I?


Why am I here? 


The curriculum will also be supported and enriched by:

  • Children being engaged in the preparation and presentation of masses in church and in school.
  • Children engaging in collective worship at a special focal point in classrooms.
  • The close contact between the parish and school.
  • Children’s involvement in various aspects of community life in the parish.
  • Children putting their faith into action to share the love of Christ


RE is core to our curriculum in our Catholic school. It is allocated a total teaching time of approximately 10% of available curriculum time for each year group, as recommended by the Bishops of England and Wales. Planning and timetables take account of this. The 10% time allocation does not include collective acts of worship; it is specific RE teaching.

Collective Worship

Collective Worship is an essential part of the daily life of our school. It is a time to give glory and honour to God for all he has done for us. As the children move through the school, they develop the skills to plan their own Collective Worship using TenTen resources. Our Worship Leaders support teachers with worship until they feel comfortable enough to lead. 


We currently use TenTen resources to support our Collective Worship and Assemblies. Please find below a link for the monthly newsletter.

Worship Team

Our Worship Team work on a number of projects aimed at supporting everyone in our community to live by The Gospel Values. Each class has two worship leaders who meet on a regular basis. The purpose of our pupil worship team is to promote friendship, love and respect in school and in the wider community and to help to uphold the school mission statement.


Our Worship Team will undertake the following activities during the year:

  • Planning and delivering collective worship to the younger children
  • Helping to prepare class and whole school masses
  • Taken an active role in assemblies
  • Introduce the Alternative Advent Countdown collection for The Foxton Centre
  • Produce art work for the prayer room and displays around school
  • Decided on the school’s Lenten charity- CAFOD – and made posters promoting the campaign
  • Setting up prayer stations and helping the younger children use them.

Our School Worship Leaders

Special Places to Pray at Home

Our Liturgical Year

Harvest Festival

In October our children celebrate the Harvest Festival by bringing in food to distribute to local people and food banks.  The church is always beautifully decorated and we welcome the families to join us to celebrate the harvest.  Our children have collected food throughout the first week of October and this will be distributed to New Day Church Food Hub. 

The KS2 Worship Leaders helped to lead a prayer in Assembly to ensure we knew the importance of the Harvest Festival and we could have a moment in prayer together.

October - The Month of the Rosary

Remembrance Day

On the 11th November the whole school join in prayer to remember those who gave their lives for us. The children in Year 2 were asked to make a poppy as a homework task and they produced a wonderful display in the hall. Thank you to all the parents who worked with their child to make a poppy.  

Please Join Us In Prayer

Our 2022 Year 6 Leavers left us with a gift of a prayer, this has now become our school prayer.