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The world in which we live is full of wonder and amazement. Through the Science curriculum we encourage and develop children’s natural curiosity. We give them opportunities to ask questions, investigate, form hypotheses, design and carry out experiments, use scientific equipment, make observations and record results.


Science Curriculum

In the Early Years, Science is taught within a variety of topics such as All About Me, looking at similarities, differences and the senses. The children make observations of seasonal changes and their environment. They talk about what they have seen and give reasons why things happen, recording in simple forms.

In Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, Science is taught each half term according to a programme of study covering a variety of topics, such as plants, animals including humans, everyday materials, seasonal changes, forces and electricity. The children develop skills of enquiry and scientific vocabulary as they progress through the school.

The topics are linked to other areas of the curriculum, which develops the children’s knowledge, understanding and awareness of the importance of Science in our everyday lives.

Curriculum Overview

Principles of Science

Whole School Skills Progression Matrix

Spring Science 2020

Throughout Spring, there has been some excellent Science work both in school and at home. We have completed lots of practical experiments and investigations, as well as using the world around us to explore our scientific skills further.

Autumn Term Science 2020

So far, Autumn term has been full of wonderful Science opportunities, practical experiments and investigations. Take a look at some of our photographs s to find out what we have been doing across the school.

Useful Websites

Please find below a list of websites that you may find useful, particularly whilst learning from home. The document contains a variety of websites which offer curriculum based, interactive learning which can be done with every day materials found around the home.