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Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE) 

At Our Lady and St Gerard’s RC Primary School, we believe that our pupils should be provided with an education that prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life. A key part of this relates to Relationships and Health Education, which from September 2020, is a statutory requirement of the Department for Education (Dfe); and as such will be delivered to every primary-aged pupil.


The role of Personal Social Health Education (PSHE) is to ensure that each and every child is given the opportunity to learn how to support their own, and others’, well-being and attainment and  become successful and happy adults who make a meaningful contribution to society. Thereby equipping them for their future life as an adult in British society.


We follow the National Curriculum Guidance for Relationship Education and PSHE and adhere to its aims to support all our children and young people to become:

  • Happy
  • Healthy 
  • Safe

Our mission statement at Our Lady and St Gerard’s is “Placing God in our hearts, we will love, live and learn.” 

The aims of PSHE education at our school is to achieve this for all our pupils. 

Teachers in our school will get to know your children well and are best placed to understand their needs.  They will address the teaching of PSHE through links to other Curriculum areas such as, RE, Computing and Science as well as through distinct stand alone PSHE lessons, following the Whole School Overview. (*see link above).

Why not visit the NHS Change4life website and try out some of their great ideas to help support your child to lead a Healthy Lifestyle? 


Or check out some Healthy Eating ideas for your child using the links below:-

What a Year we have had in 2020!


The health and wellbeing of our children and their families has never been so important during these unprecedented times.  We all need to look after ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally.  Why not try out some of these great self help ideas with your child - aimed at supporting their mental and emotional health (and yours too!)



A Journey in LOVE

We have adopted the Journey in Love programme to support our Religious      Education and our Personal, Social, Health, Sex and Relationships         curriculum in school.  The programme is developmental and enables  the     holistic growth of childrens' understanding of human relationships.

  A Journey In Love is a resource which is the recommended programme of   study for Catholic schools for Sex and Relationship Education.

  Throughout A Journey In Love, a different aspect of the mystery of love is     focused on in each year group. Children are encouraged to marvel at the   wonder and beauty of God’s creative love. A series of suggested,   progressive and developmental tasks, activities and reflections are used to     enable physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development.


Many children will have questions related to their lessons. Questions are encouraged and are treated with care and understanding.

A Journey In Love highlights the importance of parental input and children will be told to discuss their lessons at home. As a parent, you have the right to withdraw your child from Sex Education at anytime if you wish to do so.  Letters will be sent out at the appropriate time to give more details.


Basic programme contents:

  • NURSERY - Wonder at God's Love
  • RECEPTION - God loves each of us in our uniqueness
  • YEAR ONE - We meet God's love in our family
  • YEAR TWO - We meet God's love in the community
  • YEAR THREE - How we live in love
  • YEAR FOUR - God loves us in our differences
  • YEAR FIVE - God loves me in my changing and development
  • YEAR SIX - The wonder of God's love in creating new life


To find out more about the Journey of Love scheme please read the information booklet for parents.

Please read the document above to find out about the links between our Religious Education Programme, Come and See, and Sex Education