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Digital Leaders


Welcome To Digital Leaders


Usually at this time of the year, our DLs have sifted through job applications, selected keen applicants for interviews and have assigned new Y5 children to the role of Digital Leader.

The DLs would have been in classes, taught Online Safety lessons to KS1 and KS2, and helped the teachers with the setting up of computing lessons in the classrooms and the computing suite.

However, due to the restrictions caused by Covid-19, our Digital Leaders program has had to be put on hold. 

As soon as we are able to mix bubbles and move much more freely around school, our DL program will once again be up and running. 


Our current DLs are waiting for that day; hopefully it will be soon: 


Joseph Finn     Jowita Malecka    Emily Foster    Charlotte Cooper

Our Digital Leaders have done some work this year on Fake News and what it is.  They produced their own display in our computing suite to inform other pupils too.


Learning how to spot fake news is particularly important right now due to coronavirus misinformation. Click the link below to access a guide from CEOP to help to work out what's real and what's not. 



Year 5 & 6  Goldilocks - A Hashtag Tale

This term, we taught a lesson to the year 5 and 6 classes. We based the lesson on the tale of a Goldilocks remake.

It was about a girl called Goldilocks who wanted more likes on her social media apps. She started to use funny things. But then her followers got bored so she started to post things on the internet without others’ permission and upset some people.

She got into trouble and was punished, but whatever she did to try and get it off the internet, other people may have already seen it. It will always be there!

 Following the story, we gave them some scenarios to read. They were to do with different behaviours online. The children had to discuss and decide how they should respond to the scenarios. For example, was the behaviour safe? Should they check with an adult first? Or report it because it is very dangerous? They explained their views.

There were lots of interesting discussions and the children learnt lots from each other.


“If someone is offending someone, it is not right, and they should know not to do that.” Olivia

“You should never join a website without your parent’s permission because there might be things that ARE NOT suitable for your age.” Chloe

“If someone that you don’t know very well sends you a message that you don’t want to see, don’t reply because it will make you feel uncomfortable.”  Emily & Cody


Thank you for reading our Digital Leaders’ page.

We hope you stay safe online.

By Mollie, Will, Lanika and Oliver.

TROLL STINKS – Jeanne Willis & Tony Ross

This term, we went to the Year 1 & 2 classes and conducted a lesson for the children about online safety, using the story Troll Stinks.

We did this to make the children aware of the dangers online. We started by reading the story and asking questions along the way. Some of these questions were...

What did the Goats do wrong when they found the phone?

How do you think the Troll felt? Why?

Should the goats have sent messages to people they didn’t know?

Why did the Troll feel so sad?


“I think the children now understand some potential dangers of the internet.” Joseph

“Now the children know that you should not be online without their parents’ permission” Charlotte

“This was the first lesson I taught as a Digital Leader and I enjoyed it thoroughly!” Emily.


To remember the story and the ideas learnt from the activity, the children made small trolls from the story to take home and show and share the story with their families.