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12th December 19
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Online Safety

Safer Internet Day 

Safer Internet Day is a national initiative aimed at informing children how to stay safe online. We started our day with an assembly for each Key Stage prepared by our Digital Leaders. They encouraged children to make sensible choices when using the internet and explained who they could go to for help if something was worrying them online.

Throughout the day each class completed activities which promoted safe use of the internet. Some classes created their own set of rules for using the internet; some children created a new slogan and mascot for safer internet day; other children thought about how it felt to receive kind comments from friends and how it must feel when people receive unkind comments online - they decided it was better to be kind online. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed their day and it made them more aware of how to stay safe online. 

Some classes were involved in special workshops during the week aimed at promoting safe use of the internet in a child-friendly way.

On Monday, the year 5 children had an Internet Safety workshop which taught them about how to be safe online through the use of drama and role play. The children made up their own drama sketches to demonstrate different e-safety issues and also prepared a rap. At the end of the day the year 5 children shared their sketches with the whole school.

On Friday, the year 1 and 2 children also had a workshop which taught them about the importance of internet safety and thinking about who they are talking to / connecting with online. They learnt through role play,  familiar traditiaonl tales and fairy stories. The Three Little Pigs learnt not to tell the Big Bad Wolf their personal information; Cinderella learnt to tell someone when the Ugly Sisters were mean to her and Little Red Riding Hood learnt that people aren't always who they say they are on the computer.

Please look at some of the photographs from the week below.

Setting Parental Controls

Most of the main internet providers now allow you to set filters on your internet access. This can be  a useful tool to help limit what your children can access on their computers and devices. You can follow this link to watch videos from Sky, BT, Virgin Media and Talk Talk for advice on how to control your settings. 

Also, take a minute to read through the NSPCC Guide to setting Parental Controls by following the link here

 : Adobe Acrobat file (5806.9k)

Follow the link for the latest edition of the Vodafone digital parenting magazine


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