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18th August 19
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Attendance and Punctuality

School Times


8.45am - 11.45am (morning session)

12.25pm - 3.25pm (afternoon session)

Foundation & Key Stage 1:

Start 8.55am

Lunch 11.45am - 12.55pm

Finish 3.15pm

Key Stage 2:

Start 8.55am

Lunch 12.00-12.55pm

Finish 3.15pm

Attendance Matters

Traffic Light System


In order to improve our attendance procedures and also recognise excellent attendance we use a traffic light system to communicate with parents and reward children for excellent attendance.


If your child’s attendance is between 95% and 100% they will receive a green certificate.


If your child’s attendance is between 90% and 94.9% we will send home an orange traffic light card showing their attendance.  This card means that they need to improve their attendance slightly in order to achieve their green certificate next time.


If your child’s attendance is below 90% we will send home a red traffic light card.  This means that your child’s attendance is below the expected level.


These certificates and cards will be sent home every half term to help you monitor your child’s attendance.  Where a child’s attendance is of concern the school office will contact you and we hope that you will work with us to bring about improvements.  If your child’s attendance continues to be a problem we will invite you into school so we can discuss strategies for improvement.


Please remember that if your child’s attendance is persistently low (below 90%) then they may be deemed to be a persistent absentee and the school may have to consider a referral to external agencies such as the Local Authority Pupil Attendance Support Team.

As part of our school policy, if a child is absent and there has been no communication from parents then we may conduct a home visit to find out why the child is missing from school.

Thank you so much for all your support and I hope that this system provides you with more information about your child’s attendance throughout the year.


 Please click here for the Department of Education Attendance Advice

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